Decorating Your Home With Upcycled and Recycled Products

The art of home decoration and interior design is highly personal, and the process is different for everyone. Your desired aesthetic is sure to be different from that of your next door neighbor, which is what makes every home unique and interesting in its own way. Every room is a reflection of its occupant’s personality. One of the best ways you can help your inner designer shine is to start decorating your home with recycled and upcycled items. Every room will be entirely unique and you’ll be able to make your home a little more eco friendly when you turn trash into treasure.

Before you throw away any old furniture, think about giving it a new life instead. The faded and worn out end-table in your living room can become a lively and interesting new piece if you give it a little bit of attention. Decoupage is a great and fun way to craft old furniture into something entirely new. Give your old table a fresh coat of paint and then cover it in your favorite pictures, news clippings, or anything else that inspires you. Your old furniture doesn’t have to be resigned to the junk heap–a little crafting can turn that old boring table into a decorative center piece.

Shelves are a necessity in any home, but they can be expensive and wasteful. Imagine how many resources go into the manufacturing of one shelf, and remember how quickly it will age and need replacement. Instead of buying new shelving for your home, consider making your own upcycled shelving units out of reclaimed wood, old furniture, or unused lumber. Installing shelf brackets in your walls gives you the freedom to turn almost anything into a shelf. An old table can be disassembled, sawed in half, and turned into an interesting new wall-mounted platform. Before you throw away any wood materials, ask yourself if you might be able to upcycle them into new shelves.

If you’re tearing up tile in your bathroom or kitchen, or disposing of broken mirrors, think twice before you head to the garbage can. Tiles and mirrors can be made into beautiful mosaic installations on your walls if you take the time to do the work. Transform your interior spaces or outdoor gardening areas with glittering mosaics made from upcycled waste material is one of the best ways you can exercise your creative side and make something beautiful and unique for your home.

The potential for recycled and upcycled decor in your yard space is almost limitless. Everything from garden water features to new planters for your perennials can be made from recycled materials. Old car tires make great upcycled planters. If you have your windows replaced, you could consider using the old framed panes to build a greenhouse. Decorating your home and garden with recycled material is all about creativity. Remember that everything you own could be used for something else. Get creative and consider new uses for your old junk before you throw it away.

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