5 Air Purifying Plants That Naturally Filter the Air in Your Home

Did you know that plants can filter the air inside your home. Not only do houseplants make a nice aesthetic addition to the decor of your home, but they can also make the air cleaner and free of indoor air pollutants. Plants have a number of air purifying properties the suck up the humidity and cut down on dust mites. If you start to notice yourself sneezing more and more – the solution might be to get a few houseplants. There are a number of houseplants that can do just the trick. Here are the top five air purifying plants that naturally filter the air inside your home.

  1. Dracaena
    The dracaena plant is a beautiful green and yellow striped plant with a wide leaf. It originally comes from Madagascar and is considered a jungle plant, which means that it relies on the moisture in the air to survive. These plants are not only great at reducing the indoor moisture, but also other toxins that might be flowing throughout your home as well. Best of all, these plants are relatively low maintenance and only require watering once a week.
  2. Bamboo
    Bamboo is another jungle plant that can purify the air – and can even help reduce the amount of carbon monoxide that might be present. Not only that, but bamboo is an exotic plant with beautiful leaves that would make an excellent aesthetic touch to any living room or even dining room. Bamboo is also extremely sturdy. In fact, it is one of the strongest plants in the world – the bark is used for many industrial applications, including construction, because it is also porous and can breathe well. Additional care might require a light misting once in a while.
  3. English ivy
    English ivy is a fast growing, hanging plant that not only looks great, but can also remove indoor air pollutants, like germs from animal feces, dander, and mold. Also, English ivy doesn’t require too much light, which makes it a perfect plant for any room in the house. There are many types of ivy, but English ivy has a unique leaf that is relatively small, but abundant, which could make it the perfect plant for an indoor trellis or bookshelf.
  4. Rubber plants
    Rubber plants are a common houseplant. Originally, they were imported from India. Out of all the air cleaning plants, the rubber plant has a unique ability to remove formaldehyde from the air. Rubber plants are also a hardy plant with big, wide leaves. The rubber plant can also grow to great heights if you keep transporting it to bigger pots. However, if you want to keep it small, you just have to keep it in a small container.
  5. Aloe
    Aloe plants are great houseplants, especially in the sunniest parts of your home, because they can clear the air of benzene, which can be a product of your spray cleaners and other chemical cleaners. Not only that, but aloe can also be used to treat burns and rashes.

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